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Programma's - English

  1. Flee from sexual immorality or it will make you it's prisoner.
  2. He who commits adultery, opens a door to unclean spirits.
  3. The spirit of God wants to heal people, unclean spirits seek to corrupt and destroy.
  4. There is only one door by which Jesus Christ can enter, but there are many windows that have yet to be closed to unclean spirits.
  5. Mutual love from the heart dispels sorrow.
  6. Real love isn't blunt.
  7. Love is the best remedy against hate.
  8. Love heals the wounds of the past.
  9. Husband and wives, fight for each other in prayer.
  10. A healthy marriage consists of two people that grow closer to each other without letting (an)other(s) get in their way.
  11. If you want to grow closer to each other, you'll have to let more of your selfishness be pruned away.
  12. A good marriage is a battle, with God in highest command.
  13. A healthy relationship is built up of talking and listening.
  14. Control your thoughts and fantasies and you won't fall into the trap of adultery.
  15. Better no relationship than a wrong relationship.
  16. Sometimes it is better to be alone than to start a relationship with a foolish person.
  17. Better to wait than to catch the wrong bait.
  18. He who all forgives, happier lives!
  19. A strong man fights for his wife.
  20. A marriage with God at the centre is a three-fold, strong cord.
  21. Sadly, marriage is often like a stronghold: those who are outside want in, and those who are inside want out.
  22. Trust your brains more than your emotions.
  23. Woman, listen to your husband, for his voice is not just a whisper.
  24. A man who kneels and worships a woman is as someone who worships an idol.
  25. Be careful: marriage starts out exciting, but it takes courage to see it through to the end!
  26. A healthy marriage consists of two people that love to give and bless.
  27. Build each other up in your marriage; there will always be people trying to break it down.
  28. A strong man can contain his anger.
  29. It is more blessed to give than to receive.
  30. Sex is the icing on the love cake (intimacy)
  31. A relationship without love is NOT a relationship.
  32. A relationship with God is the best relationship.
  33. God doesn't lie, deceive, hurt etc.
  34. God knows us better than other people do.
  35. God isn't influenced by Satan's lies.
  36. God will never die.
  37. A clean heart brings forth power and joy.
  38. Love is sweet, indifference is sour and hate is bitter.
  39. There is a thin line between human love and hate.
  40. It is easier to brake a heart than to mend it.
  41. Feelings of being in love fade away but real, dedicated love lasts and grows.
  42. He who starts sex too soon will probably end too soon.
  43. Seldom is a soul sought for who it is, instead it is often sought for what it can do.
  44. Moral crisis is far worse than economic crisis.
  45. When love is scarce in society, 'sex' will be a hot issue.
  46. Countless people are looking for love, but only get sex, with or without payment.
  47. A society that shows little love, lives in the ice age.
  48. Better rejection before marriage than rejection in marriage.
  49. Either money serves you or you become it's servant.
  50. There is nothing wrong with riches, but the pursuit of riches can cause someone's heart to love money more than it loves God.
  51. Overeating often causes one to lose the fine taste.
  52. Believing is being sure of something you cannot see.
  53. Real friends strive for each other.
  54. Don't let your tongue overtake your brain.
  55. A sloth experiences every job offer as a heavy load.
  56. Too much pressure at work can make your heart explode.
  57. If there's two of you, you ought to find double happiness.
  58. You discover who your friends are when you need them.
  59. It isn't the gift that counts but the heart that gives.
  60. He who looks back too often in life, will run crooked sooner or later.
  61. He who drops too easily will himself be dropped.
  62. A friendly person is like the sunshine through the dark clouds.
  63. A jealous person has no positive wishes for his neighbour.
  64. Love builds bridges, hate builds walls.
  65. No matter what people say about you, time will eventually reveal the truth.